• Luminor LB4-061 UV System



    The Luminor LB4-061 UV system offers excellent disinfection performance at a very reasonable price. Protect your water from bacteria, viruses, and cysts like Crypto. and Giardia.


    Tech Specs

    • Flow Rate: 11 GPM @ 16mJ/cm2; 5.8 GPM @ 30mJ/cm2; 4.4 GPM @ 40mJ/cm2
    • Electrical: 110V/50-60Hz
    • Power (Watts): 30W

    Replacement Parts


    • Reactor: Ten (10) years
    • Electronics: Three (3) years
    • UV Lamp: One (1) year
    • Quartz Sleeve: One (1) year

    This warranty is for manufacturer's defects only. Certain water softener components, such as the main piston, seal & spacers, and the brine valve will experience wear and tear during normal usage of the softener and may not be covered. Resin that has experienced unusual application conditions may not be covered.