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    Whole House Water Filters

    The water in your home plays an integral part in the proper and safe functioning of your household. Water quality is an easy thing to take for granted, until there’s a problem. And when there is, there’s no better strategy than to eliminate that problem for your whole house. Aquatell whole house water filters are a diverse selection of systems that are used to treat the water as it enters your home. Systems are typically designed to eliminate a specific contaminant or issue completely and thoroughly. Our most popular whole house filters include filters for iron, sulphur, chlorine, chloramine, and organic colour.

    Whole house filters fall into two broad categories: backwashing systems and inline, or cartridge-based systems. Backwashing systems feature a media tank with a backwashing filter head that periodically refreshes the media. These systems are ideal for high contaminant loads. Inline cartridge-based systems are typically less expensive, slightly easier to install, and are suited for low to moderate contaminant loads.

    Browse our selection of whole house filters and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!