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Softeners, Whole Home Filters, Reverse Osmosis, and More

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Water Softener Systems

Get Help Choosing a Softener

Our amazing Softener Selector will quickly guide you to the perfect softener for your home and water conditions.

How Do I Choose a Water Softener

Silky hair, clean clothes and polished dishes - these are just a few of the benefits of installing a water softener system. Our durable North American-made softeners are guaranteed to remove harsh minerals and deliver luxurious soft water that’s better for your home.

Why bother with a water softener?

Aside from the benefits listed above, water softening systems prevent major pipe issues caused by mineral buildup associated with hard water. As well, major household items like laundry machines and bathtubs have a tendency to collect hard water residue and soap scum. With soft water, your appliances stay in top working condition and in turn, even use less energy.

Anxious about buying online? Not only does Aquatell offer free shipping - we also save you time and agony by sending your product pre-assembled. If your water softener system somehow fails to arrive in quality form, we offer a 30-day 110% Money Back Guarantee.

For additional information about about your water softening needs, contact one of our Certified Water Specialists - available to you free of charge!