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Water Softeners

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Our amazing Softener Selector will quickly guide you to the perfect softener for your home and water conditions.


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Ultimate Water Softener Guide

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  • Fleck vs Autotrol vs Clack
  • Myths and Misconceptions

Water softeners from Aquatell are Canadian-made, professional grade and come with unmatched pre and post sales support! We proudly design and build in London, Ontario using only the best components available. Buying a water softener is an important decision. Hard water destroys appliances, creates unsightly scale, dries out skin, and can make daily household chores a real challenge. But choosing the best water softener for your home and family can be a real challenge. What products are best? How can one softener be compared to another? What size of water softener is best? Who can be trusted?

Aquatell is here to help!

An affordable and high-quality solution exists for your hard water problem. Let us help you find the softener that’s perfect for you, and do it without breaking the bank. Learn about:

When you’re ready to buy a softener, we’ve got systems build with the industry-best components you're looking for, at prices that are hard to beat:

And if you need help matching a system to your specific water conditions, we've got you covered. Check out our Water Softener Selector that will walk you through the buying process. And if things are still unclear, reach out to one of our Certified Water Specialists for unparalleled expert guidance.