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Iron Water Filters

Iron is a terrible water contaminant that causes staining in fixtures and laundry while also making water taste metallic. But you have no need to worry, Aquatell can confidently help you with your iron water problem with our line of whole house iron water filters.

Which system you choose should be determined but the type of iron present and the severity of the issue. In some cases a cartridge based system is ideal. This system utilizes a filter housing with an iron removing cartridge. Which cartridge you will need is dependant on the amount of iron in your water and the required flow rate.

In other cases, backwashing style systems are the most efficient and while provide the best longterm results. Aquatell sells an AIO style of backwashing system that is chemical free, requires very little maintenance, and can remove massive amounts of iron and other contaminants.

If you need assistance in selecting a whole home iron water filter please contact one of our Certified Water Specialists.