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  • ProSoft 2GW Water Softener



    The ProSoft 2GWis Aquatell's answer to challenging well water conditions that demand a heavy-duty response. This softener will perform in extreme hardness conditions and where iron and manganese levels are very high. HV (High Velocity) softening resin is at the heart of this over-achiever. This system will handle water with hardness values up to 85 grains per gallon and 20mg/L of combined iron + manganese* and unlike conventional resins, it will not become fouled in the process.

    High-Velocity (HV) resin and custom programming allow this system to tackle the most difficult rural water applications while maintaining resin performance and longevity.Variable programming permits system parameters to be matched to your water conditions to ensure high performance while maximizing system efficiency.

    The ProSoft 2GW is built with a modified riser tube called a turbulator. This device creates agitation of the softening bed during backwash to ensure that accumulated hardness, iron, and manganese are thoroughly scrubbed from the resin and significantly enhances the effectiveness and longevity of the system in challenging conditions.


    Tech Specs

    • Designed & Built in London, Ontario, Canada
    • Factory Programmed (field adjustable)
    • Demand Regenerated
    • Max Softener Efficiency Rating (SER): 5,000 Grains / Pound
    • Challenging Conditions Efficiency (SER): 2,777 Grains / Pound
    • Soft Water Brine Tank Refill
    • Service Flow Rate of 10 / 7.5 / 5.0 gpm for hardness less than 35 / 65 / 85 gpg respectively
    • Max System Flow Rate of 21 gpm
    • 20 mg/L (PPM) of Iron + Manganese*
    • Brine Tank Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 35"
    • 200 Pound Salt Capacity (about 3 standard bags of salt)
    • 12-hour Clock Battery Backup
    • Softener Retains Settings Even If Unpowered For Months
    • 110V A/C Adapter
    • All Components are NSF Standard 61 Certified
    • Shipping Box 1: 9.25" x 9.25" x 35.5" - 64 lbs
    • Shipping Box 2: 11.5" x 11.5" x 35.5" - 25 lbs

    In the Build

    • Fleck™ Upflow Metered Control Valve
    • Bypass Valve + 3/4" Male Threaded Connectors
    • High-Durability Paddle-Wheel Meter
    • 1.0 Cubic Foot of American-Made High-Velocity Resin
    • Top Basket (Prevents Accidental Resin Loss)
    • Turbulator
    • 9" x 48" Media Tank
    • 14" x 14" x 35" Brine Tank
    • Brine Well w Fleck™ Safety Float
    • 5' Brine Line
    • 2 x 1g Silicone Lubricant


    • 5 years on the control valve, tanks, hardware
    • 10 years on softener resin*

    This warranty is for manufacturer's defects only. Certain water softener components, such as the main piston, seal & spacers, and the brine valve will experience wear and tear during normal softener usage and may not be covered. Resin that has experienced unusual application conditions may not be covered. See water softener warranty details here.