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    Water Softener Warranty

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    Aquatell is proud to offer a warranty on our water softener products that exceeds industry standards and provides an exceptional level of assurance to our customers. A water softener is comprised of multiple components, and these components each have a different warranty period. Here's a breakdown of the warranty we offer for all of our water softener products:

    Water Softener Control Valve

    The water softener control valve is comprised of the electro-mechanical components of the softener (i.e. the "head"), the bypass, and the plumbing connectors. Generally speaking, the control valve is the component where plumbing connections are made, where the control panel resides, and where the display panel can be found. All Aquatell control valves have a full replaceemtn warranty of 5 years. This warranty is against manufacturer defects and does not include the components that would be considered consumables. This includes the piston, seal and spacer, and brine valve.

    Media Tank & Brine Tank

    The media tanks is the tall cylindrical tank that holds the water treatment media (in the case of a softener, the water softener resin). The brine tank is the tank that holds the salt and the float assembly. Aquatell offers a 5 year full replacement warranty on both of these tanks and associated hardware in cases where there is a manufacturer's defect.

    Water Softener Resin

    Water softener resin is the material inside the media tank that performs the ion-exchange and makes the water softener soften. Aquatell offers a 10-year pro-rated warranty on the resin in all of our softeners. This warranty is against premature and unexpected resin failure. Resin that has been subjected to excessive chlorine or chloramine exposure, or to excessive iron, manganese, or sulphur exposure will not be covered under warranty. Resin that has been used and then inactive for more than 1 year will not be covered under warranty.