How To Remove the Piston and Seal/Spacer on the Aqualux Prosoft Water Softener March 28, 2018 08:37

The piston and seal/spacer are two very important components of the Aqualux Prosoft softener and any of our backwashing filters including our AIO iron filter systems. Certain troubleshooting steps may involve removing, inspecting, cleaning, and possibly replacing these components. The instructions below will show you how to safely and easily remove these components from your system.

Step 1 is to put the system in bypass and depressurize it. Here are instructions that show you how to do this.

Once the system is depressurized the bypass valve needs to be detached from the main control valve. This is accomplished by loosening off the oversized plastic nuts that secure the bypass to the main control valve:

Aqualux Prosoft control valve bypass view

Once the bypass is detached, the next step is to disconnect the brine line and drain line from the control valve. The Aqualux Prosoft uses clips to hold these in place. To disconnect the lines simply remove the clips and then pull the fitting out with the tubing attached:

Drain line and brine line clips Aqualux Prosoft

The next step is to remove the piston, and the seal spacer.  Start by removing the cover on the control valve. With the cover removed the rear view will show three screws that need to be removed:

Aqualux Prosoft Piston Seal Spacer Removal View

Removing these screws will allow the upper portion of the control valve to be removed which will reveal the upper portion of the piston:

Aqualux Prosoft water softener exposed piston

Next, remove the plastic plate that sits around the piston nut. Pay special attention to how this plate is secured in place so that it's easier to put back together. Once the plate is removed you'll be left with this (arrow points to the piston nut):

Aqualux Prosoft Piston Nut

Now apply a wrench to the piston nut and turn it in a counter clockwise direction to loosen it. Once it is fully loosened the piston can be pulled all the way out. Insert a finger into the hole left by the piston and you'll feel the seal/spacer stack which is a cylindrically-shaped cage with rubber seals on the inside surface. Hook your finger onto this pull it out also.