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  • Prepare to Work on the Aqualux Prosoft Softener

    March 27, 2018 1 min read

    At some point over the lifespan of your Aqualux Prosoft Water Softener you may need to work on the machine. Here's how to put the system in bypass mode and depressurize it so you can safely take it apart to inspect, service, or repair it.

    Step 1 is to place the system in bypass mode:

    The bypass valve is the set of two on/off valves that sits behind the control valve. In the normal 'service' position, the handles are parallel to each other. Or stated another way, the handles point in the same direction as the incoming and outgoing water. To put the softener in bypass mode, turn both handles so they are pointing towards one another:

    Aqualux Prosoft in bypass mode


    The next step is to de-pressurize the system by initiating and walking through a regeneration cycle. This is done by pressing and holding the Next Cycle button until the valve mechanism begins to move:

    Aqualux Prosoft Control Panel buttons

    When you see the timer begin to count down, you know that the valve port is open and the system has been depressurized. Because the bypass valve is closed no water will flow to drain. Press the Next Cycle button once to advance to the next stage of the regeneration. When the countdown on the next stage begins, press the Next Cycle button again to advance to the next stage. Continue this process until the system exits the regeneration process (BF will be the last cycle).

    The system is now fully de-pressurized and ready to be worked on. It can be physically separated from the bypass valve at this point if this makes it easier to work on.