• Inspecting & Cleaning the Screen/Injector on the Aqualux Prosoft Water Softener

    March 27, 2018 1 min read

    The injector is an important component of your Aqualux Prosoft water softener. It's the part that is responsible for creating the suction that draws the salt brine out of the brine tank during the brine draw stage of the regeneration. If the injector, or one of the other parts that supports it becomes clogged or damaged, it can create a few different problems:

    • the water softener doesn't draw brine solution from brine tank
    • the water softener pushes water out of the brine line instead of sucking during the brine draw stage of regeneration
    • the brine tank water level increases over time
    • you're no longer consuming salt and your water isn't soft any longer

    The first step to inspecting and cleaning the injector and it's related parts is to depressurize the softener. See this article on how to prepare your Aqualux Prosoft to be worked on.

    Once the softener has been depressurized you're ready to open up the port that houses the injector, throat, and screen. The video below shows you exactly how to do that. Please note that the blue clip that is removed has a notch on one end that is used to remove the injector (you don't have to use pliers).
    Now that the injector, throat, and screen have been inspected and cleaned put the cover back on, firmly re-insert the blue clip and put the bypass back in 'service' mode. The softener is now ready to be put back into service!