• Big Blue Filter Housings - Finding the Date Stamp

    January 09, 2023 1 min read

    We sell tons of big blue filter housings. They're ultra-versatile, easy to install, and tend to be pretty much immune to failures or defects. But every once in a blue moon we'll get a customer who has an issue with one. Usually this manifests itself as a housing that won't seal properly. Once all avenues have been exhausted (replacing o-ring, inspecting threads, tightening the housing with the wrench) it can be concluded that there's some kind of manufacturer defect and a warranty can often be claimed.

    In order to claim a warranty the age of the housing needs to be established. This is done by looking at a date stamp that is molded into the plastic at the time of manufacturer.

    A Pentek big blue filter housing will have a date stamp in two locations - on the inside of the sump (the blue part) at the very bottom, and on the inside of the cap:

    big blue housing date stamp

    Looking down into the bottom of the sump to see the date stamp


    big blue filter housing date stamp in cap

     The date stamp on the underside of the black cap

    The date stamp is comprised of an inner arrow with a number on either side which denotes the year it was manufactured - in this case 2022. The arrow in the date stamp points to the month of manufacture.  So this housing was made in November of 2022.