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    Tomlinson Reverse Osmosis Faucet Leak

    January 17, 2023 1 min read

    Tomlinson makes a very beautiful and high-quality line of faucets for reverse osmosis systems. They're our best seller for both of these reasons. Like every product though - even very well manufactured ones - there can be the odd issue that arises with a very small percentage of installed units. When these situations arise we like to post about them on our blog as a potential help to other customers (or anybody for that matter) that might benefit. We recently had a customer report a leak on a Tomlinson faucet he bought from us:

    leak on tomlinson ro faucet

    This leak is looks to be occurring at the junction between the neck and base of the faucet and is likely due to one of a few things. First, it's worth checking that the nut that holds the neck to the base is tight:

    tomlinson ro faucet nut

    If tightening this nut doesn't do the trick you'll want to undo the nut and pull the neck of the faucet out of the base. Make sure the faucet isn't open when you do that. Have a look at the o-ring at the bottom of the neck. Make sure it isn't deformed or damaged. Lube it up with silicone grease (or any vegetable based cooking oil - not vaseline) and re-insert it. Make sure it seats all the way down into the base. The photo below shows the bottom of the neck with the o-ring. Note that this photo is from a faucet that's been used for many years:

    tomlinson ro faucet o-ring

     Check over the Gasket (1) and O-Ring (2)