• What Should The Water Level Be In My Softener Brine Tank?

    December 27, 2022 1 min read

    There really isn't any water level that your brine tank "should" be at despite many of the articles that you may read on the internet. We'll explain in a lot more detail below, but the main idea is this:

    1. Any given water softener will add the same amount of water to the brine tank after each regeneration, unless the programming is changed.
    2. This water is intended to dissolve the salt in the brine tank so that there is saturated brine solution ready for the next regeneration.
    3. When water dissolves salt, the volume of the salt remaining in the brine tank decreases.

    So, if we combine these three concepts, and if we assume that no new salt is added to the brine tank then we can conclude that over time the level of the salt will decrease relative to the level of the water in the brine tank. Makes sense, right? As the salt gets dissolved, it slowly disappears. This can create the illusion that the water level in the brine tank is increasing over time, but in reality the salt level is dropping, as we would expect. This is completely normal and in fact is a sign that the softener is working exactly as it's supposed to.