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    Softener + RO + UV Value Bundle



    The Softener + RO + UV Value Bundle packages a high-performance water softener, a multi-stage reverse osmosis system, and a high-performance fine sediment + UV system to provide an ideal water filtration process that will leave you with crystal clear, pure, UV-treated, drinking water. This system will effortlessly manage extreme hardness and microbiologically unclean conditions without sacrificing the quality of your drinking water.

    Component One is the ProSoft 2 (AQPRO2) Softener System. This efficient softener system uses a high-velocity (HV) softening resin to effectively remove large concentrations of minerals and other contaminants in your water. The ProSoft 2 utilizes a cutting-edge ion exchange process to replace the hardness minerals with sodium ions, resulting in smooth, fresh, and soft water.

    This system features durable and high-quality materials, to ensure long-lasting performance. 

    Component Two is the Luminor (LBC4-R1) UV and filter combo system. This advanced UV and filter cartridge system uses a 5-micron filter cartridge to effortlessly remove fine sediment and contaminants. This 5-micron filter plays an important role in prolonging the lifetime of the UV lamp. By removing physical particles before they reach the UV sterilization chamber, the filter prevents potential blockages that could decrease the UV lamp's disinfection effectiveness. Using cutting-edge UV technology the Luminor UV system effectively kills harmful bacteria and microorganisms from your drinking water.

    Component Three is the Pentair Freshpoint 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System. This multi-stage RO system is an advanced solution to leave your cottage or vacation home with ultra-clean drinking water. The first two stages use a sediment filter and carbon block filter to remove larger debris such as sediment and sand, as well as harmful organic contaminants. The heart of the system lies in the third stage where the high-precision RO membrane works to remove microscopic impurities that may be dissolved in the water ensuring water purity down to the molecular level. The fourth stage features a post-carbon cartridge that removes any unwanted odours or tastes to leave you with safe, clean, and clear drinking water. 

    The combination of these three popular pieces of equipment will provide UV-treated, fresh tasting, and odour-free water. Experience the transformation in your daily routines and see the positive impact it has on your household appliances. It's a perfect system to upgrade your home's water quality so you can enjoy the benefits of safe, microbiologically clean, soft water.

    Tech Specs

    • 15,000 Grains Capacity @ 3 Pounds of Salt
    • 26,000 Grains Capacity @ 9 Pounds of Salt
    • Flow Rate of 10 gpm for hardness less than 35 gpg
    • Flow Rate of 7.5 gpm for hardness less than 65 gpg
    • 110V A/C Adapter
    • 75 Gallon Per Day TFC Membrane
    • Water pressure: 40-100 psi 
    • Approximate 21 gpd under typical conditions
    • Fine 5-micron filter cartridge
    • UV System Flow Rate: 8 GPM (30.3 lpm) @ 30mJ/cm² & 95% UVT

    In the Box

    • 1 x ProSoft 2 Water Softening System (AQPRO2)
    • 1 x Pentair Freshpoint Reverse Osmosis System (GRO-475B)
    • 1 x Luminor UV system (LBC4-R1)