Pro Easy Feeder Starter Kit (RK15K / RK11K)

Pro Easy Feeder™ Starter Kit



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The Pro Easy Feeder™ Starter Kit is a great way to ensure that your water softener resin stays clean, efficient, and effective even in very challenging environments where iron and manganese levels are high. This kit comes with a 64 ounce jug of Pro Res Care solution, a hanger, and the easy-feed wick system that automatically dispsenses the cleaning solution directly to your softener brine tank. Choose the 0.5 ounce per day system for city water, and the 1.0 ounce per day system for rural water where iron + manganese exceeds 2.0 mg/L (ppm). When the 64 ounce bottle of res care is empty, we suggest  you keep the bottle and purchase the 1-gallon Res Care to top it up.


Tech Specs

  • RK15K doses 0.5 ounces per day
  • RK11K doses 1.0 ounces per day

In the Box

  • 1 x 64 ounce Pro Res Care Water Softener Resin Cleaner
  • 1 x Bottle Hanger
  • 1 x Easy Feed wick

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