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    Pentair GRO-50EN Thin Layer Composite Residential RO Membrane (4004424)



    The Pentair GRO-50EN (4004424) is a 50 gallon per day encapsulated reverse osmosis (RO) membrane used in many residential and small commercial reverse osmosis systems. It is an exceptionally water-efficient membrane typically offering up to 100% water savings compared to conventional membrane technologies. It accomplishes this while still offering excellent purification performance. It is a “dry packed” membrane to maximize shelf life.

    The GRO-50EN (4004424) can be used both with Pentair GRO Reverse Osmosis systems and with RO systems that use conventional membranes. When using a GRO membrane in a conventional system, be sure to use the product drop-down selector to choose the membrane that ships with the matched drain-line-flow-control. Please see the retro-fit instructions in the resources section of this page to learn how to fit the GRO membrane to your non-GRO RO system.


    Tech Specs

    • 100% dry membrane

    • Free chlorine 0.1 ppm

    • pH 4-11

    • Maximum pressure 125 PSI (6.90 bar)

    • Max Temp 120°F (49°C)
    • 50 GPD nominal output
    • Drain flow control included 150ml/min
    • Permeate check included

    In the Box

    • 1 x Pentair GRO-50EN Thin Layer Composite Residential RO Membrane (4004424)