• Pentair Freshpoint 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System w Booster Pump (GRO-475BP)



    Enjoy an unlimited supply of safe, delicious, ultra-pure water with the Pentair 4-Stage High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System with booster pump. This system is NSF Standard 53 and 58 certified and offers a massive reduction in countless drinking water contaminants including Lead, TDS, Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Pharmaceuticals, and Pesticides. It features a high-performance booster pump that makes this system ideal for very high TDS applications or for homes with poor water pressure.

    Along with its high efficiency due to its 1:1 product vs waste ratio, the GRO-475BP includes an effortless click-n-lock and color-coded cartridges for super easy installation and maintenance.


    Tech Specs

    • 17.8" W x 5.5" D x 12.5" H
    • 75 Gallon Per Day TFC Membrane
    • Approximate 21 gpd production under typical conditions
    • 3.2 gallon storage tank
    • pH Limits: 3-11 
    • Incoming Iron should be less than 0.1 ppm
    • Water pressure range = 10 - 60 psi
    • Max supply TDS = 2000 mg/L
    • For use on microbiologically safe water only
    • 1:1 product vs waste ratio

    In the Box

    • 1 x 4-Stage RO system with filter cartridges
    • 1 x lead-free drinking water faucet with air gap
    • 1 x installation hardware kit
    • 1 x steel storage tank
    • tubing