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    Cottage UV and Max Flow Multi-Stage Sediment Filtration with Freshpoint RO Value Bundle



    The Cottage UV and Multi-Stage Filtration Bundle packages a back-washable coarse sediment filter and a dual stage maximum flow filter system with a high-performance UV system to provide an ideal filtration solution for cottages on a surface water supply. This system will effortlessly manage a high sediment load and will also ensure that your water is safe from harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and cysts like crypto and giardia.

    Component One is the Rusco (3/4-140-F) sediment filter. This unique back-washable filter system uses a 140-mesh rated filter screen to efficiently captures larger particles of debris and sediment. This sediment filter cartridge features durable and high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its transparent housing makes for easy visual inspection, allowing for timely backwashing when necessary. A manually-activated backwash valve allows the filter screen to be flushed as required. This component does a great job protecting downstream equipment from prematurely loading with sediment and large debris.

    Component Two is the Pentek (DUALBB) Dual Stage Max Flow Filter System. This dynamic filter system uses two separate filter types to easily remove a wide variety of contaminants from your surface water supply. The first layer, the high-capacity sediment filter effectively captures larger particles that are larger than 5-micron. The second layer utilizes a carbon block filter to reduce unpleasant  odors, tastes, and various harmful organic compounds. Together the filter cartridges are able to operate an impressive flow rate without compromising quality.

    Component Three is the Pentair Freshpoint 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System. This multi-stage RO system is an advanced solution to leave your cottage or vacation home with ultra-clean drinking water. The first two stages use a sediment filter and carbon block filter to remove larger debris such as sediment and sand, as well as harmful organic contaminants. The heart of the system lies in the third stage where the high-precision RO membrane works to remove microscopic impurities that may be dissolved in the water ensuring water purity down to the molecular level. The fourth stage features a post-carbon cartridge that removes any unwanted odours or tastes to leave you with safe, clean, and clear drinking water. 

    Component Four is the Luminor (LBC4-101) UV system. This advanced UV system kills harmful bacteria and organisms from your cottage water supply. By removing physical particles before they reach the UV sterilization chamber, the filter prevents potential blockages that could decrease the UV lamp's disinfection effectiveness. Using cutting-edge UV technology the Luminor UV system effectively kills harmful bacteria and microorganisms leaving you with safe, clean, drinking water.

    The combination of these four popular pieces of equipment will provide sediment-free, UV-treated, microbiological-safe water. It's a perfect system for cottage and recreational property use especially when the water source is surface water.

    Tech Specs

    • Coarse 140 mesh filter cartridge
    • Fine 5-micron filter cartridge
    • UV System Flow Rate: 8 GPM (30.3 lpm) @ 30mJ/cm² & 95% UVT

    In the Box

    • 1 x Luminor UV system (LBC4-101)
    • 1 x Rusco sediment filter cartridge (3/4-140-F)
    • 1 x Pentek Dual Stage Max Flow Filter System (DUALBB)
    • 1 x Pentair Freshpoint Reverse Osmosis System (GRO-475B)