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  • Hardness & Iron In Tottenham Ontario City Water

    tottenham ontario water tower

    Tottenham Ontario Water Chemistry:

    Hardness = 180 mg/L (10.5 grains per gallon)

    Iron = 0.7 mg/L (0.3 mg/L is the threshold at which iron can cause issues)

    The City of Tottenham Ontario gets its water from a municipal well water source. This water chemistry for Tottenham is unique as it not only contains a high amount of hardness, but it also contains a considerable amount of iron, which is uncommon for municipal water supplies. There's enough iron in Tottenham city water to cause staining of porcelain fixtures, laundry, and appliances.

    Another note about Tottenham city water is that the THM level is just below the mandated limit. THM stands for Trihalomethane and is a by-product of the chlorine disinfection process. THM is a known health concern which is why the level is monitored.

    Treatment of Tottenham City Water:

    Hardness is addressed by the use of a water softener.

    Iron can usually be addressed by the use of a water softener also but the iron must exist in the clear water form. Read this article to find out if a softener can remove the type of iron that's in Tottenham water.

    THM is a concern both for drinking water, but also from the vapour that is inhaled in shower water.  A whole-home carbon filtration system will effectively reduce THM in home water.