• Stenner Replacement Duckbill Check Valve 5-Pack (MCDBINJ)



    The Stenner Classic Series Pumps sometimes are needed to inject chemicals into a pressurized line. In order to do so there is a mechanism to prevent back flow called a duckbill valve. This part needs to be replaced after time to assure its condition. Use the Stenner MCDBINJ Replacement Duckbill Check Valve to keep the flow and injection working efficiently.

    Stenner sets the industry standard for reliable and accurate electromechanical peristaltic metering pumps, and the MCDBINJ is no exception to the trusted quality of Stenner products.


    Tech Specs

    • 1/4" Connections
    • Duckbill Valve Technology
    • Used In All High Pressure Pumping Systems

    In the Box

    • 5 x Stenner Replacement Duckbill Check Valve #1 (MCDBINJ)