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    Riser Tube for Water Softener / Filter


    This 55" riser tube is used in water softener and backwashing filter valves. The slotted basket comes pre-glued to the riser tube and the slats on the basket make this product suitable for virtually all commonly used media types, including fine mesh water softening resin. This riser tube will need to be cut to the proper height. To do this, position the point of the slotted basket in the dimple at the bottom of an empty media tank. For applications that will use a Fleck or Clack control valve, mark and cut the riser so it is flush with the lip of the tank. For Autotrol control valve applications, mark and cut the riser so it's 1" higher than the lip of the tank. A common tube cutter works best. Be sure to de-burr the cut edge.