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    Aries AF-10-3695 Arsenic Reduction Filter Cartridge - 10" Standard

    • Ideal for arsenic reduction
    • 25 micron rated
    • 2.5" x 10" format

    The Aries AF-10-3695 arsenic reduction cartridge utilizes advanced media technology to effectively reduce arsenic levels in drinking water across a broad pH range and conditions. Arsenic is a dangerous water contaminant that is tasteless, colourless, and has no smell when dissolved in water even when present in high concentrations. Arsenic exposure over the long term can cause a number of negative health outcomes including but not limited to cancer, cardiovascular problems, skin issues, and diabetes. Use the Aries AF-10-3695 to protect your water supply and your health.

    Tech Specs
    • 2.5" x 10"
    • 25 micron nominal rating
    • Pressure maximum of 125 psi
    • Resintech® ASM-10-HP media
    • Maximum temperature of 38°C (100°F)
    • Fits into industrial sized & standard residential housings
    • Made in the USA
    In The Box
    • 1 x Arsenic Reduction Filter Cartridge (AF-10-3695)
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