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    Atmos-AIO Iron & Sulphur Water Filter

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    The Atmos AIO uses the power of atmospheric oxygen to rid your well water of iron, sulphur, and manganese. Say goodbye to stained tubs & toilets, stained laundry, metallic-tasting water, and foul smells when someone has a shower or fills the kitchen sink.

    We've leveraged two decades and thousands of customer interactions to design this highly effective and DIY-friendly chemical-free system. The Atmos-AIO is capable of removing high concentrations of contaminants due to its unique media mix:

    Katalox Light: The most effective catalytic oxidizing media on the market

    Zeolite Sand: Renowned for its particle-capturing capabilities

    Calcite + Corosex: Granular media boosts pH to supercharge the filtration process

    Filter Gravel: Supports the media bed and offers coarse particle filtration

    Tech Specs 

    • Media: Katalox Light / Zeolite Sand / Calcite / Corosex / Gravel
    • 1.1 cubic foot total media volume (31.15 litres)
    • 10" x 54" media tank (25.4cm x 137.2cm) for maximum air pocket
    • Clack WS1/AIO Control Valve
    • Clack Air-Blocker Upper Media Screen
    • Choice of 3/4" or 1" Plumbing Connectors
    • 15.0 ppm (mg/L) maximum iron + manganese treatment
    • 3.0 ppm (mg/L) maximum sulphur treatment
    • 8.0 gpm (30.3 lpm) service flow rate
    • Factory Programmed (no user programming required)
    • Minimum pH: 6.8 for iron + manganese / 7.2 for sulphur
    • Approx 92 gallons of water used per backwash

    In the Box 

    • Box 1:  10"x54" Filled & Capped Media Tank
    • Box 2:  Control Valve + Installation Hardware
    • Box 3:   Supplementary Media + Funnel

    Installation Considerations

    • System needs to be supplied by a 3/4" or larger supply line
    • Water system must operate at 40 psi or greater
    • 6.0 GPM sustained flow rate required for proper system backwash
    • Max drain line distance is 20 feet



    • 2 years

    This warranty is for manufacturer's defects only. Certain control valve components, such as the main piston, seal & spacers, and the brine valve will experience wear and tear during normal usage of the softener and are not covered under the warranty.