• Wholesale Pricing

    Aquatell is happy to offer equipment resellers discounts on their orders.

    If you’re a reseller of water purification equipment, Aquatell is able to offer you a discount on your order. The discount amount will be a function of order size, product mix, and shipping location. Special conditions need to be met in order to qualify:

    Reseller Status
    Only resellers of equipment qualify for this offer. A reseller is an entity that will buy equipment from us, and sell it to someone else. We typically ask that you confirm this by presenting a business operating number or GST/HST number. If you’ll be using the equipment for your own project, you’re not considered a reseller even if a business operating number or GST/HST number is provided.

    Order Volume
    Only orders in excess of $2500 before tax will be considered for discount. Orders smaller than this will have the standard internet pricing applied. Some exceptions may apply. Please contact us to discuss.

    Payment Options
    Aquatell is able to offer several different payment options on wholesale orders

    • Credit card payment (Visa, MC, American Express)
    • PayPal
    • Wire Transfer
    • *Aquatell may extend credit to select customers, under specific circumstances.

    Please contact us if you’re interested in opening a wholesale account.