• Water Hardness By City - Newfoundland

    The Newfoundland Water Hardness data presented in this chart has all been verified by Aquatell directly from primary sources. Typically, this means we found the data on municipal water reports or we emailed or talked with municipal officials from the public utilities department.

    If the water hardness data from your city is missing from this list please contact us and let us know. We can typically track down the info and add it to our chart in about a week.

    If you're looking to reduce your water hardness level, have a look at a professional-grade water softener.

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    City Name Province Hardness mg/L Hardness Grains/Gallon Source
    Kippens NL 170 10.0 Report
    Grand Falls - Windsor NL 23 1.3 Phone Call



    NL 170 10.0 Report
    St. John's NL 30 1.8 Phone Call