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  • Unpacking & Identifying The Parts in Your Aquatell Water Softener

    Removing your new softener from the box and identifying the components is an important part of the setup of your new system. Shipping damage is uncommon, but if you discover something that is of concern, please have a look at our Water Softener Installation FAQ and if you're still concerned please contact us within 24 hours of receiving delivery.

    The ProSoft 2 Series and Citymaster softeners ship in two boxes - one that contains the packed media tank and one that contains the brine tank and the rest of the components:

    aquatell water softener boxes

    To being the process of setting up your new softener, open both boxes from the top. With one person holding the box, the brine tank can be slid out. The media tank can be carefully lied on its side and slid out of the box this way. There won't be any damage to any internal components if you choose to do this. Alternatively the box can be cut, and the tank can be slid out sideways.

    *** To cut the media tank box, use a box-cutter with a short blade and cut in the corner of the boxfailure to do so may result in tank damage and a leak ***

    With both components now unboxed, remove the contents of the brine tank:


    Aquatell water softener brine tank contents

    1. Filter cartridge for softener pre-filter
    2. Water softener control valve
    3. Brine tank lid
    4. Filter housing + small parts (Prosoft 2AQX model only)

    Move your attention to the white box that was removed from the Brine Tank. Open this box and remove the contents. The box will contain the blue filter housing, filter wrench, and mounting bracket. Unscrew the top of the filter housing and remove the contents. In total, you will have now have unpacked the following items from the white box:

    water softener installation components from white box

    Components For All Systems:

    • #5 Upper Media Screen (attaches to underside of control valve)
    • #8 Small Parts Kit (connects brine line to control valve)
    • #9 Plumbing Yoke (3/4" male NPT threads)
    • #10 Bypass Valve
    • #11 A/C Adapter (Power supply)
    • #12 Silicone Lubricant Packets

    The Prosoft 2AQX Also Includes:

    • #1 Filter Housing Lid
    • #2 Filter Housing
    • #3 O-Ring for Filter Housing
    • #4 Filter Housing Wrench

    Lastly, looking down into the Brine Tank, identify the Brine Well and remove the lid. Slide out the Brine Line tube and put the lid back on (for now):

    water softener brine well w lid


    water softener brine well showing enclosed brine lineAt this point you have now unpacked and partially familiarized yourself with all of the components that ship with your Aquatell water softener. We recommend that you put any of the small components back into the blue filter housing to avoid losing them.

    If you have any questions about any of these components please reference our Water Softener Installation FAQ and if that doesn't answer your question contact us. If any parts are missing these need to be reported within 24h of receiving delivery.