Local Courier Deliveries
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Softeners, Whole Home Filters, Reverse Osmosis, and More

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Local Courier Deliveries

Aquatell has several warehouses across Canada and for customers that are close to a warehouse, we prefer to ship by local courier, rather than the national carriers. The local couriers offer very fast and flexible service, and the amount of handling is very minimal. However, most of them don't have online tracking capability.

So below, we've provided the phone number for each of the services we use.  If you've received a tracking notification for one of these couriers, please contact them directly at the numbers below and be prepared to provide your name and address.  As always, please feel free to contact us if you can't get the support you need.


Dusex (GTA):  (416) 993-6641

Ace Courier (Calgary):  (403) 235-6464

Select Delivery (Calgary):  (403) 225-6080