• 4 Tips To Loving Your Well Water

    Water that comes from a well has some really great things going for it, but there can be things wrong with it that can make living difficult. Here are 4 tips you can apply to get the most out of your well water.


     hard water sink

    1. Get Rid Of That Hard Water!

    Hard water contains a high concentration of troublesome minerals. This mineral content results in a variety of unfortunate effects.

    • It robs skin and hair of their natural oils and moisture, leaving skin dry and itchy, and hair dull and lifeless.
    • It creates unsightly deposits on sinks, faucets, shower doors, bath tubs, toilets, and any other surfaces that get wet.
    • It shortens the lifespan of appliances and makes your water heater more expensive to run.

    The Solution: Water Softeners are extremely effective in eliminating all the problems associated with hard water. Look for a local pro to help with your project or save a bunch of money and DIY it.


    bacteria in water toothbrushing

    2. Say Bye-Bye To Bacteria

    A number of dangerous bacteria and other living organisms can make their way into your well. Of all the potential water contaminants, bacteria are the most dangerous, and left untreated can cause serious illness. Your local health unit can provide free testing to check for two of the most common bacterial contaminants: coliform and e.coli. If you discover that your levels are above what's recommended, or you're just looking ensure your water supply is protected, a UV System is the technology to look to.

    The Solution: UV Systems produce a specific wavelength of light that destroys bacteria and other microorganisms that can contaminate well water. UV systems are typically installed on the main water line and treat the water for the entire home.


    better hair

    3. Watch Out For The "The Trio"

    There are three nasty but naturally-occurring elements that create all kinds of havoc in a home: iron, sulphur, and manganese. Well water supplies that contain these elements are sure to experience:

    • orange, grey, or black staining of white porcelain fixtures, laundry, and appliances
    • water that smells and tastes bad: either like rotten eggs or very metallic
    • interference with expensive hair highlights and hair dye

    The Solution: If the issue is iron or manganese, a softener will often do the trick. If sulphur is your issue, a dedicated piece of equipment will be needed.


    better drinking water

    4. Don't Forget To Make Your Drinking Water Amazing Too!

    The water treatment techniques we've covered to this point will solve specific water issues, but may not provide the drinking water quality you're looking for. Even treated well water can still contain substances you just don't want. This can include heavy metals, agricultural chemicals, and compounds that can create bad tastes or odours. But don't worry! You can easily and affordably create an unlimited supply of ultra-high-quality drinking water in your home.

    The Solution: There are a number of different filtration technologies you can use, but by far the most effective is a Reverse Osmosis System. These systems use multiple stages to remove all contaminants from a water supply and deliver it to a single dedicated faucet. Make your water, ice cubes, tea, coffee, or glass of scotch taste incredible and help the environment too by massively reducing your use of disposable plastic bottles.