• Clack 1" Male Threaded PVC Elbow Connector Kit (V3007)



    The Clack V3007 connector kit is used to plumb any system using the Clack WS1 control valve. The kit is comprised of two 90-degree PVC elbows with 1" male NPT threads. The kit comes complete with o-rings, retainer rings, and nuts for easy connection to the Clack bypass or directly to the control valve. These elbow fittings are especially useful when you're trying to minimize the distance between the system and the wall. Since these fittings can be rotated 360 degrees, they're also very useful when incoming or outgoing plumbing is approaching the system from the top, side, or bottom relative to the control valve height.

    In The Box

    • 2 x 90-Degree 1" Elbow Fittings
    • 2 x o-rings
    • 2 x retainer rings
    • 2 x nuts