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    How To Do a Master Reset of Autotrol Logix 760 or 762 Controller

    January 06, 2017 2 min read

    The Logix 760 and 762 controllers are used primarily with the Autotrol 255 and 268 valves. There may come a time in the life of your water softener where you need to do a master reset of the Autotrol Logix controller. If your Autotrol control valve uses the Logix 760 or 762 controller then you can use these instructions to perform a master reset to get it back to the factory defaults. Warning - this reset procedure will erase all stored values including historical data. You'll know if you have a Logix 760 or 762 if yours looks like this:

    Autotrol Logix 760 / 762 Controller Reset

    Here's how to do the reset:

    • Press and hold SET and DOWN simultaneously for 5 seconds.
    • "H0" and the system’s set resin volume (or "F" mode) will be displayed.
    • If a history value other than "H0" is displayed, use the up arrow to scroll through the settings until "H0" is displayed.
    • To reset the control, press and hold SET for 5 seconds.
    • The control will be reset to an un-programmed state.

    The control valve is now reset to factory default values and you can proceed to the following resources for reprogramming instructions.  Look for the section titled "Initial Setup"

    The most important step in the initial setup is to make sure that the media volume is set correctly.  Here are the grain capacities for water softeners and corresponding resin volumes:

    • 24,000 grain = 0.75 cubic feet
    • 32,000 grain = 1.0 cubic feet
    • 40,000 grain = 1.25 cubic feet
    • 48,000 grain = 1.5 cubic feet
    • 64,000 grain = 2.0 cubic feet
    • 96,000 grain = 3.0 cubic feet 

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