Clearview Township Ontario Water Hardness & Iron Level January 8, 2018 09:39

The water hardness conditions for Clearview Township in Ontario are a little more complicated than typical municipal water. There are six water-use regions in this township and the municipality treats the water differently in some compared to others. The difference is how they handle iron. In some regions the municipal water treatment process removes iron and in others it does not. Here are the six regions and the water data we received directly from Clearview Township for each region.  All values are expressed as mg/L. Hardness also shows Grains per Gallon in brackets:

Clearview Township Region
Water Hardness Iron Manganese
Buckingham Woods
286 (16.6) 1.9 0.04
306 (17.9)
2.1 0.05
352 (20.6) 0 0
340 (19.9) 2.1 0.06
New Lowell
50 (2.9) 0 0
274 (16.0) 0.26



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