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  • June 29, 2023 1 min read

    Yes, pool salt can be used in a water softener. Pool salt is just Sodium Chloride - the same thing that table salt and water softener salt is made from. So as long as the pool salt you're using doesn't have any unusual additives, then it can be added to the brine tank of your water softener and will work well.

    pool salt for water softener

    The only thing to watch out for is if the pool salt you're using is very fine. If it's too fine (like table salt) then it may be able to get into the valve mechanism of the safety float and may prevent it from closing properly. You'd know if this was happening because you'd have air in your lines after the softener regenerates. So, if you have a choice, choose to use salt with a crystal size that's similar to water softener salt.