Softener Prep Kit
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Softener Prep Kit

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The Aquatell Water Softener Prep Kit is a custom-made test kit we've created to help customers collect all the important info that's needed prior to buying the right water softener. It can also be used for collecting the info necessary in the selection of an iron filter.  The kit includes a multi-use water hardness test, a two-time use iron test, a two-time use pH test, and calipers used for measuring pipe diameter.

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Tech Specs

  • Pentair™ Drop-per-Drop (DPD) style multi-use hardness test
  • 3 grain-per-gallon resolution on hardness test
  • Hach™ pH dip strips
  • Hach™ Total iron reagent + dip strips

In the Box

  • 1 x Hardness Test Kit
  • pH Test Stips
  • Total Iron Test Strips
  • Calipers
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08 April 2021
Denis B.
Canada Canada
Water Test Kit

Easy to use. Nice to have an independent review to compare with others.

20 January 2021
Rob B.
Canada Canada
Great experience

It was a great experience ,easy to hook up ,fast service and easy to get going

13 January 2021
Randy S.
Canada Canada
Easy and fast water test results I could trust!

Testing my own water was so easy and actually fun to do! I’m not sure about you, but a salesman coming into my home to test my water and try to sell me a system feels like the first step of a scam. This is the third system purchased from Aquatell and every time it’s been a breeze. Installed my first system in 2009 and not one issue or repair as of 2021!

30 December 2020
Jonathan W.
Canada Canada
Good little test kit

Easy to use and seems fairly accurate

29 October 2020
Robert P.
Canada Canada
Softener Prep Kit is Deluxe

After receiving the kit and then reading through the instructions, it could not have been any easier to get the required information for choosing a correctly sized water softener. I had looked elsewhere online but did not find a kit that fit my needs. Do not waste your time looking just get this kit and you will have all the info you need to find the correct softener for your application. It is straight forward and very user friendly. Thanks again Aquatell, for a great product that works with no fuss!!