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  • Water Hardness for Prince George British Columbia

    We've compiled the map and hardness chart on this page to help the residents of Prince George B.C. determine their likely water hardness value. If this information is still insufficient to accurately determine the water hardness for your address, we encourage you to contact the municipality directly or to purchase a water hardness test kit and test the hardness yourself. Some addresses in Zone PW605 and Zone PW624 may have some seasonal variability to their water hardness value so testing the water yourself may be the best approach in these regions.

    Prince George Water Sources & Locations Served

    prince george bc water hardness by region


    Percent of Households Served
    Hardness (GPG)
    Full Water Report
    Groundwater (Nechako River) Site PW601
    Groundwater (Nechako River) Site PW605 45% - 55% 6.4 Report
    Groundwater (Fraser River) Site PW624 0% - 10% 10.7 Report
    PW652 0.21% 16.2 Report
    Groundwater (Nechako River) Site PW660 21.5% 5.5 Report


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