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    Aquatell Core Values

    The Aquatell Core Values are the essence of everything we think and do at Aquatell. 

    Belief might just be the most powerful force on the planet. So what does Aquatell, the organization, believe? And why is it so important?

    Well, a business is the cooperative endeavour of multiple different layered activities: manufacturers make and sell, suppliers supply, employees create, sell, and support, and customers buy. It's a lot of doing.

    Doing is driven by belief. People will act out in the world, what they first believe. And when all the players in a mutually cooperative activity share the same core beliefs, their actions will naturally align.

    This alignment makes doing work intuitive, more productive, and much more fulfilling. And customers who can sense an alignment of their values with that of the business they're buying from will be happier, and more engaged.

    So it only makes sense to strive at Aquatell to attract individuals to our business - suppliers, employees, and customers - who hold similar core values to our own. These are the Aquatell Core Values:

    Honesty: Convey the truth forthrightly in every interaction.

    Boldness: Default to action. Challenge the status quo.

    Intelligence: Work smart. Be a thought leader.

    Commitment: Finish what you start. Expect excellence.

    Humility: There is always more to learn. You've never arrived.