• Softeners With Chlorine Reduction

    choosing a softener

    If your water hardness is less than 30 grains per gallon (see our chart here) then a softener built with 1.0 cubic foot of resin will do a great job - as long as the system has been properly designed, the right resin has been used, and it's been factory-programmed for where it's being installed. Don't worry about how often the system will regenerate - this is not very important. As long as the softener regenerates efficiently for both salt and water, the frequency of regeneration won't affect performance or how much total salt & water are consumed. Check out this tool that makes is really easy to figure out what softener you need.

    There are a few key takeaways here. First, make sure that the softener you choose is a metered softener. This means it regenerates based on water consumption, not elapsed time. Secondly, we strongly recommend you look at a softener built with a Clack control valve. They are by far the best control valve in the industry - rugged, long-lived, very DIY-friendly, and they have all the features anybody will ever need. Lastly, water softener resin type is really important. We recommend Canadian-made or USA-made resin of either two types: 10% cross-linked or high velocity resin. High-velocity resin is best for water that's very hard, or has a lot of iron or manganese. You can use our softener selector tool to find the perfect system for you. All of the systems recommended in that tool meet the criteria above.

    Aquatell softeners are better because they are designed, built, and supported by true water treatment experts in Ontario, Canada. Aquatell softeners are built with the highest quality components in the industry - our softener resin is made in Canada or the U.S. We use ultra-durable, reliable, and super DIY-friendly Clack control valves and we program the control valves before they leave the facotry to ensure the programming matches the build and that our softeners are maximized for effectiveness and efficiencty. More than anything though, we're passionate about the products we sell and the customers we serve so we take extra care in every step from sales, to manufacturing, to support.

    buying, shipping, installation

    Any Aquatell-branded softener or other 1.0 cubic foot sized softener will typically ship by UPS, FedEx, Purolator, or sometimes Canpar. We ship our softeners in custom-made double-thickness cartons, and we pack all components carefully to ensure they ship safely. For softeners larger than 1.0 cubic foot we ship the sotener resin in boxes and provide a filling funnel. These larger softeners may ship with the couriers listed above, or they may ship by LTL transport. Either way, you'll get a tracking number so you'll know when your softener will arrive. Unfortunately, we're not able to ship softeners by Canada Post, so we can't ship these products to PO Boxes or Rural Route (R.R.) addresses.

    Yes - you sure can! Aquatell softeners are purposefully built to be a DIY project. From our push-to-connect fittings, to our pre-programmed control valves, to our excellent instructions, if you're a moderately handy person this project will be well within your grasp.

    There aren't many things that go wrong, but when they do, we'll have you covered! If something is damaged in transit we'll fix it. If you have questions once the product arrives, we'll help you figure it out. If a performance or warranty issue arises several years down the road, we'll continue to support you. Give our Google reviews a read-through and you'll find many first-hand accounts of our dedication to our customers.

    citymaster pro water softener treatment tank and brine tank

    aquatell softeners are perfect for diy!