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    Choosing the Tomlinson Faucet That Matches Other Stainless Steel

    November 13, 2017 1 min read

    Aquatell sells the complete line of Tomlinson Reverse Osmosis faucets and we're constantly being ask which of their finishes matches stainless steel the best. If you want your new RO faucet to match your stainless steel fridge or existing kitchen faucet, the closest match will be the Tomlinson Satin Nickel finish. This is a little misleading because Tomlinson makes a Brushed Stainless finish also. However, the Brushed Stainless finish doesn't match other stainless steel well at all. The Brushed Stainless is a very coarse finish and is very very bright - almost silvery. The photo below shows the Tomlinson Satin Nickel finish compared to an existing stainless steel faucet. Thanks to Aquatell customer Chris from Uxbridge for the great pic!

    Tomlinson Faucets Satin Nickel Finish