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  • Can Iron Filters Also Remove Manganese?

    October 05, 2022 1 min read

    Yes! An iron filter will usually also remove manganese from the water. This is because iron and manganese are very closely related to one another and they share much of the same chemistry. Just like iron, manganese can exist in water in two main forms: a dissolved (and usually colourless) form, and an oxidized form. The form that either of these take is a function of the pH of the water, the dissolved oxygen level, the temperature, and few other more minor factors. It's virtually unheard of for these two elements to not appear in a single water source in the same form - both will be either dissolved or oxidized. This is great news because it means they can both be filtered out using the same piece of equipment.

    Water softeners that are built to also remove iron will do a great job for both dissolved iron and manganese. If these elements are found in their oxidized form, you'll want a dedicated iron filter to manage them.