• Aquatell Site Visit: Brewers Blackbird

    February 12, 2020 1 min read

    I love talking about water quality and water treatment equipment.

    I love drinking good beer.

    It was at Brewers Blackbird restaurant and brewpub in beautiful Ancaster, Ontario last Friday that I experienced the delight of these two worlds colliding.

    Brewers Blackbird

    Ken Wood, the experienced brewmaster and partner of Brewers Blackbird is well aware that it's tough to make great beer unless you start with great water.

    The municipal water in Ancaster Ontario is treated with a disinfectant called Chloramine. Chloramine doesn't taste good and also interferes with the brewing process. So last month they purchased a commercial-grade chloramine reduction system from Aquatell:

    chloramine reduction carbon system

    This big boy was built with the Fleck 2815 stainless steel control valve and 10 cubic feet of Jacobi Aquasorb CX-MCA catalytic carbon media. Water from this system will feed the entire building, including the soon-to-be-finished brewery:

    brewers blackbird brewery in progress

    When completed, Ken Wood will continue his brewing excellence on-site (he's currently brewing at another location). His beer is fantastic and when the brewery is completed I can't wait to return to sample a few more.

    brewers blackbird beer