• North American Made

    At Aquatell we believe that it’s our job to offer products for sale that represent the best performance for the money. In short, we strive to offer products that represent the best value to our customers. It’s what Aquatell employees want in the products we buy, and we’d expect nothing less of you, our customer.

    We also believe that where a product is made, can speak volumes about its quality, and also about the support one can expect if something goes wrong with the product.

    It’s for these two reasons that, whenever possible, we choose to offer products that are made in the United States and Canada. It’s been our experience that products made in North America are of higher quality than those made elsewhere in the world.

    There are some instances where the product quality from overseas is just as good as the quality of the North American product. In these cases, we’re happy to use these components to build our systems, because we can offer the final product at a lower price and sacrifice nothing in performance. But in most cases, we feel that the extra cost of the North American made product or component is justified by the added quality, performance, or longevity.

    It means that for many of our ‘built’ systems, like Water Softeners, Iron Filters, and Reverse Osmosis Systems, that our price will be slightly higher than competitors that source their components from Asia, or buy completely built systems from Asia. But we feel strongly that there’s nobody in the industry who takes the care we do in hand-selecting the components we use and making sure at every turn that we deliver the value our customers seek.

    We encourage you to ask our competitors about where their products or components are built, and how they choose the products they sell, or the components they use. You might be surprised by their answers!

    Here’s a rundown of the many Made In North America products we proudly offer for sale:

    Aqualux Water Softeners

    Built with Fleck and Autotrol Control valves (Wisconsin, USA), Structural Media and Brine Tanks (Wisconsin, USA), and assembled with care and expertise in Los Angeles California, Calgary Alberta, and Toronto Ontario.


    Aqualux Iron Filters / Backwashing Whole Home Filters

    Built with Fleck control valves (Wisconsin, USA), Structural Media Tanks (Wisconsin, USA), Birm Filter Media (Wisconsin, USA), Centaur Carbon Media (Pennsylvania, USA). Assembled with care and expertise in Calgary Alberta and Toronto Ontario.

    Viqua UV Systems (Sterilight and UVMax Brands)

    Built in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

    UV Pure Systems

    Built in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    UV Dynamics

    Built in London, Ontario, Canada.

    Luminor UV

    Built in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.