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    Clack Water Softener

    - Update To Clack Water Softener Sales in Canada - 

    27-Sep-2016:  Aquatell is now happy to offer the Aqualux Clack WS1 water softener for sale in Canada. Featuring the popular and well-built Clack WS1 control valve, Structural tanks, and high-quality 10% cross linked resin.

    15-Jan-2016:  About 5 years ago Clack Corporation made a decision to prevent internet water treatment dealers from selling their products online.  To be more precise, Clack began to enforce a marketing agreement that they have in place with all Clack distributors.  This marketing agreement prevents dealers who use the Clack brand control valves from using the name 'Clack' on any promotional or marketing material - including the internet.  Further, any dealer of a softener that uses any of the Clack control valves must be able to perform on site pre and post sales support or they cannot sell Clack.

    At aQuatell, we're very disappointed with the position Clack has taken.  The Clack WS1 valve is a very good product and we would have been very happy to keep selling it.  We're puzzled that Clack could not see another path to ensuring that their products are properly sold and serviced.  Yes, there are internet dealers that offer poor (or no) pre or post sales consultation and service, but there are others whose knowledge and level of support exceeds many 'traditional' dealers.  We truly hope that Clack reconsiders its rigid position on internet sales.

    There are a number of other water softener control valves that are equally as good as the Clack WS1 and we encourage you to explore these other options.  We highly recommend the Autotrol 268 with 762 controller for it's flow capacity, durability, and ease of programming.


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