R-Can Sterilight QS-463 Quartz Sleeve for Model S5Q-PA

R-Can Sterilight QS-463 Quartz Sleeve for Model S5Q-PA

aQuatell Part Number

Manufacturer Part Number

QS-463 - Replacement Quartz Sleeve for R-Can Sterilight S5Q-PA models.

In The Box

Everything that comes with this product.

  • 1 X quartz sleeve for R-Can Sterilight Model S5Q / S5Q-PA / S5Q-Gold
  • 2 X O-Ring

Tech Specs

Everything you need to know about this product:

  • Physical Dimensions: 21 Length"

More About the R-Can Sterilight QS-463 Quartz Sleeve for Model S5Q-PA

The QS-463 quartz sleeve is an important component of a properly functioning Sterilight S5Q-PA ultraviolet (UV) light water filter. The ultraviolet (UV) lamp is protected from the water being treated by the quartz sleeve. Quartz has the ability to allow almost 100% of the germicidal UV light produced by the lamp to pass through it and into the water. The quartz sleeve also serves to keep the ultraviolet (UV) lamp at an optimum operating temperature.

Quartz sleeves may become fouled or stained over time. In the event that you find the sleeve is dirty we recommend cleaning it with an acid-based cleaner such as CLR or LimeAway and a paper towel. If cleaning does not remove all of the visible staining it is important to replace the quartz sleeve. A dirty sleeve can prevent the ultraviolet (UV) water filter from operating properly. Any quartz sleeve with a crack or chip must also be replaced immediately. Proper maintenance of the S5Q-PA will guarantee years of trouble-free water protection.