• The Importance of Water Testing

    Buying water treatment equipment is usually an exercise in solving a problem. Simply put - it's very difficult to properly solve a problem that you haven't defined! Before you buy water treatment equipment, you have to ensure that you know precisely what problem you're trying to solve. Water testing is sometimes the only way to fully know what's wrong with your water so you can craft an intelligent water treatment approach.

    The trouble that many homeowners run into is that water is both familiar and complicated.  We see, feel, use, and consume water every single day. So it's natural that we'd think we have a deep sense of understanding about water. But here's the thing - water is also exceptionally complicated!

    So we end up feeling like we should understand what's wrong with our water and how to correct it, but very few of us have the technical know-how to properly diagnose any water problems. And if you thought the diagnosis of water was complicated, you obviously haven't started looking at water treatment options!

    Water testing provides you with the information you need to properly understand what's causing the problems you want to fix. But water testing adds a step in the sale of water treatment equipment and has the perception of slowing down the journey to better water. So many sales organizations either purposefully omit this step from their sales process or they just get lazy and don't recommend it to their customers. Instead, they rely on best-guesses and luck. Some customers get lucky but most others don't. Truth be told, most customers in these scenarios likely end up with products that partially work rather than not working at all - so all is not lost, but certainly, the customer isn't getting full value.

    At Aquatell we've long recognized the power of knowledge that water testing provides to our customers. And it has benefit to us also. When we have verified water data at our disposal and we can much more quickly and confidently prescribe water treatment solutions to our customers - it just makes our job easier!

    So we're happy to be able to offer the Aquatell Softener Prep Kit. This is a test kit that we've crafted to allow our customers to easily and inexpensively test the most important water quality parameters in the comfort of their home:

    The Water Softener Prep Kit

    This kit provides one path you can take to better understanding your water so you can move confidently forward in crafting a water treatment solution. But there are other ways also. Here are some other ways you can learn more about your water:

    1. If you live in the city, there's a very high likelihood that your city publishes all of the important water data you'll need. We've compiled a list of the water hardness data for most major centres in Canada that you can see here. If you follow the 'source' link for your city or town, you should be able to find the full water report.
    2. When you purchased your rural home, the seller of the home would have needed to prove the safety of the drinking water source prior to the finalization of the deal ("potable water"). This would have been done with a laboratory water test. There's a good chance that you'll find this document with the rest of the real estate documents that pertain to the purchase. As an aside - if you're thinking of buying a rural properly, make sure that you ask for a full laboratory water analysis as part of the home inspection process. It should include a bacteriological water test, and a metals/chemical test.
    3. You can always use an accredited laboratory to get a comprehensive water analysis done. They're not cheap (usually $150 - $200) but you'll get a ton of water data. This can be both a blessing and a curse. It can be tough to sift through all of the information that these reports provide to find the actionable data. If you want some help interpreting your water test results check out this article.