• Programming the Aquatell ProSoft 2 Series & Citymaster Water Softeners

    The Aquatell ProSoft 2 Series & Citymaster water softeners are factory programmed so very little onsite programming is required. The instructions below walk the user through the few steps required in customizing the softener to your local water conditions. A general overview of water softener programming is presented first, followed by the specific programming instructions.

    To properly program your softener you will need to know your water hardness value. If you live in a city in Canada you can see our table of municipal water hardness values here. If you live in the U.S. that resource can be found here.

    If you're on a private water supply, you won't be able to look up the hardness of your water. You will need to have it tested and there are several options for this

    General Programming Instructions

    The ProSoft 2 Series & Citymaster water softeners use a digital Fleck control valve and all programming is accomplished through the digital interface. For the purposes of programming, the following buttons will be used:

    labelled control valve display for Aquatell water softeners

    The programming of the control valve can be done with the control valve installed on the tank or with it sitting on the bench-top. Either way, the control valve will need to be powered to program it and the control valve cover must be on. The port for the power connection can be hard to find. It is located behind the control panel and in front of the brass brine line connection port:

    control valve power plug location



    Instructions Are For Specific Aquatell Models

    These programming instructions apply only to the Aquatell models listed below. Aquatell uses a unique combination of media type, internal control valve components and factory programming and as such you cannot use these programming instructions for any other Aquatell systems or systems purchased elsewhere, even if the controller interface looks identical. These instructions are intended for:

    Programming Steps

    Follow the steps below to properly program your Aquatell water softener:

    1. Set The Clock: Press and hold either the Scroll Up or Scroll Down button until you see the numbers on the display start to move. You will see a small pencil icon and the letters "TD" appear on the display. Scroll through the time until you arrive at the correct time of day. AM is not displayed but PM is. It's important to set the time correctly as this will affect when the system automatically regenerates. Once the time of day is shown on the screen, press the Enter button once to set it. The set time screen looks like this:

    program time of day aquatell water softener


    2. Enter The Programming Mode: Press and hold the Scroll Up and Scroll Down buttons simultaneously until "DO" is displayed on the screen (then release). There will also be a numerical value and a flashing pencil icon which indicates that you are in programming mode.

    3. Set The Day Override: Use the Scroll Up and Scroll Down buttons to set the DO value. If you're on a private well, the DO value should be set to 7. If you have city water the DO value should be set to 10 unless your water hardness level is greater than 30 Grains Per Gallon or your iron level is greater than 0.3 ppm (same as mg/L). The Scroll Up and Scroll Down buttons can be used to set the desired value and the Enter button is pressed once to enter the value. Here's a photo:

    programming the day override value aquatell water softener

    4. Set The Regeneration Time: As shown on the photo below, the display will now read "RT". Use the Scroll Up or Scroll Down buttons to set the time of day that you want the softener to regenerate. Remember, it won't regenerate every night, but when it does regenerate it will start at the time you set here. The regeneration takes about 100 minutes and should be staggered with any other water treatment equipment so that they can't try and regenerate at the same time. The most common time to select (and the one that is the default setting) is 2:00 AM. Remember that AM is not shown but PM is. Once you've used the scroll buttons to select the desired time, press the Enter button once.

    setting the regeneration time of day on aquatell water softener

    4. Set The Hardness Value: "H" will appear on the screen and the hardness value will be displayed. Use the UP or DOWN arrows to set the water hardness number to match your home water hardness in Grains Per Gallon (GPG). If you know your water hardness value in mg/L (which is the same as Parts Per Million - PPM) divide this number by 17.1 to arrive at the value in Grains Per Gallon. If you have iron or manganese in the water, this needs to be added to the hardness number. To do this, add the concentration of Iron and Manganese together. Take this number and multiply it by 3. Add this value to your hardness number. Here's an example:

    Hardness = 14
    Iron = 0.9
    Manganese = 0.1
    Iron+Manganese = 1.0 X 3 = 3
    Total Hardness = 17

    There are a couple of things to beware of in the programming of the hardness value.

    • Don't confuse Manganese for Magnesium. Manganese is denoted by the chemical symbol Mn and is closely related to Iron. Magnesium is Mg. They are not the same thing.
    • The water hardness value that is programmed into the machine cannot be changed to make your water more or less soft (this does not work). The hardness number that is programmed must be an accurate representation of the actual raw water hardness that is being treated by the softener.

    You've now completed the programming on your Aquatell water softener. You will see a flashing faucet icon. This indicates that the softener is in "service" mode, meaning that it's ready to begin softening your water.