• Our Story

    We love water treatment!  We love our customers!

    And when you put those two things together, you end up with a business full of people who are passionate about helping Canadians improve their water, improve their homes, and generally improve their lives!

    We genuinely love the equipment we sell and when you feel that way, you’re driven to learn all about - it’s intricacies, it’s advantages, it’s shortcomings, what it’s good at, what it’s not.  You think like a consumer. You ask all the tough questions, and search out the answers.

    And when you care about the lives of the people you sell to, you treat them like family - by selling them products that you’d put in your own home. You honour them by always being truthful about the capabilities of what you sell, and through the transparency of how you conduct your business. You invest in them, by taking the time to guide them through the sometimes complicated world of water treatment. You do the little things right - even the things that nobody will ever see.

    We strive to meet these ideals in every interaction - on our website, in every email, every phone call, every product - and since 2007 our customers have consistently shown us that they value what we do.  We’re Canada's premiere online retailer of water treatment equipment because we earn and keep our customers - one by one.