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    Thank you for your purchase and use of the Aqualux ProSoft water softener. This page has been created as an LHSC informational resource and contains information useful in the installation, programming, and troubleshooting of this piece of equipment. If at any time you have further questions, require support, or have suggestions of what should be added to this page, please call us or email us and we'll be glad to help:



    Installation Video Links:









    Programming the Control Valve:


    Watch this video

    And here are the settings that are specific to the size of system purchased and used by LHSC:

    DF = GAL
    VT= 5810
    RF = df2b
    CT = FD
    NT = 1
    C = 20 x 1000
    H = (set this value to hardness, measured in grains per gallon - London city water is 7 grains per gallon)
    RS = SF
    SF = 5
    DO = 21
    RT = (set to the time of day you want the softener to regenerate - 2:00am is the default)
    B1 = 10
    BD = 60
    B2 = 5
    RR = 10
    BF = 16
    FM = t1.2
    RE = OFF
    VR = OFF

    Maintenance & Troubleshooting:

    How To Remove and Clean the Turbine Assembly

    How To Clean the Softener Injector