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    Instructions for the Aquatell ProSoft 2 Series & Citymaster Water Softeners

    Thank you for your purchase of an Aquatell water softener! The following articles will take you through the unpacking, installation, and startup of your new softening system. These instructions pertain to the following Aquatell* models:

    ProSoft 2      ProSoft 2AQX      ProSoft 2GW      Citymaster

    If at any point you have questions, we encourage you to look at our Water Softener Installation FAQ. If you're still left scratching your head, feel free to reach out to us. Each of the following articles explains a stage of the upacking, assembly, and installation of your new softener. These articles should be followed in order to ensure and the best installation experience. We're always looking to improve our system instructions so if you find anything confusing or needing improvement please let us know.

    Unpacking & Identifying The Parts

    Assembling ProSoft 2 & Citymaster Water Softeners

    Plumbing ProSoft 2 & Citymaster Water Softeners

    Programming ProSoft 2 & Citymaster Water Softeners

    System Startup & Ongoing Maintenance


    * Please note that these instructions are specific to the models listed above and cannot be used for other Aquatell models or systems purchased elsewhere. We use a unique combination of media, internal control valve componentry and factory programming in construction of this line of products. Using these installation and programming instructions for other models can result in a wide array of erratic system behaviours or failures.