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    How To Apply

    Inbound Sales & Support Application Process

    So you'd like to apply - great! These are the instructions. We don't want any more or any less than what we've outlined on this page. So please read carefully and respond appropriately.

    Please send an email to Please use "Inbound Sales Role" as the subject. Please include the following in your email:

    Item 1:

    Please attach a copy of your resume showing how your experience and education are just what we're looking for.

    Item 2:

    Please include a description of who you are, and how your personality and experience profile is a perfect fit for the role.

    Item 3:

    Show us that you can handle a customer issue. Imagine that a customer just emailed in with a complaint. They bought a Superfantastic XYZ. When they opened up the box they were really disappointed to see that the internal contents hadn't been packed very well and consequently the Superfantastic XYZ had a big crack in the side. They also expressed that they'd been nervous to buy this product online in the first place and they wished that they had trusted their first instincts to buy it locally. Craft an email response to the customer. Assume that you have the authority to do whatever you think you should do to correct the situation.