How To Remove THMs From Drinking Water

Trihalomethanes (THMs) are a group of organic molecules that are created when water from any natural source is chlorinated. Health Canada suggests that drinking water supplies should have THM levels less than 100 µg/L (micrograms per litre).

According to Health Canada, an animal study where mice were exposed to some THMs resulted in the development of liver and kidney tumours. The agency says there was inadequate evidence this would be the case for humans. However, they say human tests have linked THM to colorectal cancers and reproductive complications.

If you want to remove THMs from your water, it's very easy to do!

Activated Carbon (sometimes called Activated Charcoal) is a very effective filtration media for the removal of THMs, Chlorine, and thousands of other organic contaminants such as pesticides. Activated carbon can be used for your whole home as a cartridge filtration system, or as a backwashing system that has the advantage of not requiring constant cartridge changes.  Reverse osmosis systems will also do an excellent job removing THMs as well as a massive list of other contaminants.