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    Aquatell Order Processing

    Aquatell's automated ordering system takes our customer orders, and turns them into purchase orders that we send to you. As you know, it's important that we communicate estimated shipping dates (ESDs), tracking numbers, and other order details to our customers in a timely fashion. The system described below was built to make this process as efficient and manageable as possible, with the ultimate goal of getting important information into the hands of our customers in the fastest way possible.

    The paragraphs below outline the different stages of order processing and explain how our distribution partners fit into the flow of information.


    Aquatell Order Received

    An order is created on the Aquatell website. This is usually an order that is placed by an Aquatell customer, but it may also be an order that is created through the admin interface by an Aquatell employee, on behalf of a customer.

    Aquatell Purchase Order to Distributor

    An Aquatell customer service person reviews every order that is placed on the website, and a distributor is assigned to that order. As soon as the distributor is assigned, this generates an email to that distributor that contains the details of the order.  Here's what that email looks like, highlighting the PO number for the order:

     Distributor Email Showing PO Number

    The next important element of the email is the link that takes you to the contents of the order. That link is located here:

    Clicking on that link will take you to a PDF document that describes what's on the order, and provides the ship-to address for the order. On this document you'll also see the 'ORDER NO' which is the same number as our PO. Please print this document and use it as the packing slip for the order. Please do not include any other paperwork with the outbound shipment - just this packing slip - thanks:

    Now - back to the email that you received - there's one more very important element to have a look at. Clicking on the this page link you'll be taken to the Aquatell Partner Portal. This is a spot where you can communicate important details about the order. In this case it's the day you expect the order to ship out.

    Populating this field is the only way we're able to know when you expect to ship our order, which allows us to keep our customers informed. It's a critical piece of information which is why we ask that it's populated no more than 1 business day after you've received the order from us.

    The Partner Portal has two important fields. The first field is where the Aquatell PO number goes. This should be populated automatically for you. The second field is where you select the expected ship date for the order. Once these are both populated, click the send button.

    Here's what the form looks like:



    If there's a problem with the order, and the Estimated Ship Date is unknown, please contact us immediately. Once the send button is clicked, the ESD is automatically assigned to the order in our system, allowing us to inform our customer.

    Clicking the send button also causes a second email to be sent to you. This second email prompts you to add the tracking information for the order, when it becomes available. Here's what that email looks like:

    Clicking on this page takes you back to the Aquatell Partner Portal where we ask that you enter the tracking number and carrier for the order. If you're using a carrier that's not on our list, please let us know and we'll add it in. Important - for deliveries that use a local carrier that does not use tracking numbers, please select the local carrier, and then leave the tracking field blank. Please ensure tracking numbers are input accurately as we'll be communicating these directly to our customers. Here's what this all looks like:



    Once the carrier is selected and the tracking number is entered, please click the send button. That finishes the order - thank you!

    If you have any questions about this process please feel free to reach out to us. We're interested to know how we can make this process more efficient and more effective.